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Representation is on a contingency "no collection, no fee" basis. If a case is successful the Law Office of Leon Greenberg receives a portion of the money collected for the client. The Court may order the employer to pay all attorney fees in addition to the money owed the employee. If no money is collected you pay nothing.

Leon Greenberg spent over ten years employed as an industrial, service, and office worker prior to his admission to the bar. His practice is dedicated to assisting working persons, whether blue collar or white collar, secure the money they are owed for the work they have performed. He does not, and never has, represented employers or corporations.

The Law Office of Leon Greenberg has successfully recovered amounts ranging from less than $1,000 to over $250,000 on behalf of individual workers. Either on his own or with associated counsel the Law Office of Leon Greenberg has participated in class action settlements for the payment of as much as $40,000,000 to a single group of affected workers.

If you worked over 40 hours a week and did not get extra overtime pay, meaning extra time and one-half pay, your current or former boss may owe you money.

You may be entitled to extra overtime pay even if you were paid by the week or the day or paid by commissions or by the piece.

Most workers are entitled to EXTRA overtime pay if they work over 40 hours a week but many employers will wrongly tell employees they do not have to pay overtime:

➢   Because the worker is paid "salary" or "piece rate" or "by the job" or "commissions"

➢   Because the worker has "agreed" as part of the job to not get overtime pay

➢   Because the worker will receive a "bonus" or some other pay instead of overtime pay

➢   Because the worker will receive time off instead of extra overtime pay

Workers cannot legally agree to give up their right to overtime pay. Employers are not allowed to simply decide whether a worker is entitled to overtime pay or whether a worker will be an "independent contractor."

Even if you signed a written agreement allowing your employer to not pay you overtime, or to only pay you a portion of your overtime, that agreement is not enforceable if Federal law says you are entitled to overtime pay.

Non-payment of overtime is huge problem in the United States. It is estimated that 70% of employers in the United States fail to pay legally required overtime pay or fail to pay workers the full and proper overtime they are owed.

Contact us to find out if you are owed unpaid overtime.

Are you paid a "salary" by the week? Click here for information on whether you are owed overtime.

Are you paid just by "commissions" or "by the piece"? Click here for information on whether you are owed overtime.

Are you paid in a combination of ways, such as by the hour or the week plus a "bonus" or "commission" or "piece rate" or "service charge" amount? Click here for information on whether you are owed overtime.

Are you told you are an "independent contractor"? Click here for information on whether you are owed overtime or minimum wages.

The Law Office of Leon Greenberg represents employees who are not paid overtime, minimum wage, severance pay, tips, commissions or other unpaid wages. Representation is provided on both a group and individual basis although the firm concentrates on large group or class action cases. Legal representation is provided without any out of pocket fee payment by the client. We welcome your telephone calls and offer free, confidential, no obligation, telephone consultations.

We have represented employees in overtime and other wage cases for over 18 years and have recovered millions in unpaid wages for our clients. Employees who have not been paid their rightful wages may also be due substantial additional money in penalties and interest.

The Law Office of Leon Greenberg provides representation only for unpaid wages. It does NOT provide representation in other employment related matters such as wrongful discharge, discrimination, slander or other sorts of claims.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT: Leon Greenberg is licensed to practice law in the states of New York, Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and various federal courts. This website is not an advertisement to provide legal representation in any jurisdiction where Leon Greenberg is not currently admitted to practice law. Court rules in Nevada require attorneys advertising on a contingency basis to advise that persons bringing a lawsuit in bad faith or maliciously may be responsible for the costs and attorneys fees of a defendant. The Law Office of Leon Greenberg would refuse a case brought in bad faith. If you lose a case brought in good faith you may be responsible for certain costs of the defendant. Costs are not attorney ' s fees and are limited in amount.

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